4 Benefits of Emsculpt | Marin Medical Aesthetics

4 Benefits of Emsculpt | Marin Medical Aesthetics

Are you looking for a non-invasive way to burn fat and increase muscle tone? With Emsculpt Neo, you can achieve these goals in just four 30-minute sessions with no recovery time required. This treatment has catapulted to popularity among celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people seeking safer alternatives to invasive surgeries.

Here are a few reasons Emsculpt Neo is, how it works, and what has gotten this revolutionary device so much attention.

Emsculpt Neo is an FDA-approved device used to strengthen muscles and reduce fat. This advanced treatment harnesses the power of HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, similar to an MRI machine, to cause muscle contractions.

These intense contractions, called “supramaximal contractions,” accelerate a process called lipolysis within the body. The muscles and surrounding tissues react to these contracts like during an intense workout by breaking down locally stored fat cells. The body releases fatty acids and metabolizes the dead fat cells, which are then naturally excreted. This process leaves patients with stronger, leaner muscles.

Some of the significant benefits of Emsculpt Neo that has helped its increase in popularity include:

Boosts Metabolism

Emsculpt Neo produces a full remodeling of the muscular structure within the body’s targeted area while also boosting the metabolism. It not only helps build muscle tissue, but clinical studies found that patients who undergo Emsculpt Neo treatment experience continual results after finishing all recommended treatments.


Because Emsculpt Neo is a safe and completely non-invasive treatment, it has become a popular alternative to surgeries like butt implants, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. With Emsculpt Neo, patients can lift and tone their abs and butt without having to be put under anesthesia or deal with recovery like they would with surgery. Patients also don’t have to worry about dealing stitches or being left with scars since Emsculpt Neo targets the muscle tissue and has no direct effect on the skin.

Promotes Injury Recovery and Prevention

By strengthening muscle tissue, Emsculpt Neo can do more than improve the appearance of your figure. It helps patients healing from specific injuries and can even be used in conjunction with physical therapy to help speed up the recovery period. Emsculpt Neo strengthens your core and is an excellent option for those starting a new fitness program recovering from an injury.

Quick Treatment Sessions, Fast Results

Treatments last around 30 minutes, so patients can quickly come in during their lunch break for an appointment. The full regimen includes four treatments over two to three weeks; many patients begin to see results immediately after their first treatment session. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after each session.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Emsculpt Neo?

The ideal Emsculpt Neo candidate is a relatively healthy adult, and since this procedure is not meant to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, patients must have realistic expectations. This procedure is incredibly useful for those who have started making lifestyle changes before these treatments. Patients who are severely obese might need to get closer to their ideal weight before trying a body sculpting procedure. It is an excellent treatment for those who need a little boost in their physical results.

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