Emsculpt butt lifts | Marin Medical Aesthetics San Rafael

Emsculpt butt lifts | Marin Medical Aesthetics San Rafael

As voluptuous backsides and curves become more popular, interest in Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures has increased rapidly. But surgical butt enhancements are risky, painful, and come with recovery periods. So, consumers are looking for a non-surgical butt lift option. Emsculpt is the first FDA cleared treatment to lift, firm, and shape the butt – with no need for surgery, fat transfers, injections, or other invasive procedures. Emsculpt naturally enhances the buttocks by stimulating the glutes to improve muscle mass and tone.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt treatments employ advanced technology to stimulate muscle contractions using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. During the procedure, HIFEM energy penetrates the buttocks area to stimulate muscle contractions within the glutes. This stimulation does not cause pain.

The contractions strain the tissue and prompt the body to respond by placing tension on the muscles. The body adapts by creating new tissue fibers and volumetric growth, making the butt look plumper. The contractions also strengthen existing tissue and improve muscle tone, providing a subtle lifting effect to the buttocks. It is an excellent option for those interested in a butt lift but do not want to undergo surgery.

Emsculpt Treatments in Marin

During the 30-minute procedure, HIFEM energy induces roughly 20,000 contractions in the targeted muscle group. If enhancing the buttocks, a person would have to perform 20,000 squats to equal such a workout. Men and women can both enjoy an enhanced and more robust body. If you want a non-surgical butt lift, Emsculpt may be right for you. To find out more, give Marin Medical Aesthetics in San Rafael a call today to schedule your consultation.