The past year, we were forced to wear masks. It has increased acne and skin irritation for many people.  “Mask-ne,” as it is called, is a part of a category of another well-known condition called acne mechanica. This form of acne occurs when the skin experiences irritation from excess pressure, heat, and rubbing.

Here are a few easy ways to avoid and treat “mask-ne.”

  • Make sure to wash or change your masks frequently, since a lot of times, this acne shows up from reusing the same mask for several days. Masks collect oil, sweat, and dirt from being in constant contact with your face.
  • When cleansing your face, use a gentle non-soap cleanser since strong cleansers dry out the skin, worsening skin irritation.
  • Apply a daily moisturizer to prevent and treat skin irritation. The moisturizer provides barrier protection between your skin and your mask.
  • Cutting back on the number of products you use under your mask can also prevent irritation. Using skin products that contain salicylic, glycolic, alpha or hydroxy acids, or retinoids can significantly increase the irritation caused by the mask. So, use fewer products under your mask during the day.