Skincare Changes to make in the Winter

Winter comes with dark days, cold temperatures, and gloomy rain does not just bring down our mood, but it can also wreak havoc with our complexions. Cold weather can cause dry and inflamed skin. Luckily, with a few habits to follow, you can keep your face plump, happy, and radiant throughout the winter month. Here are some skin tips that will keep your complexion looking great all winter long.

  • Switch to a gentle fragrance-free cleanser since strong soap can aggravate itchy, dry skin. It would be best to use toners and astringents in moderation since they often contain alcohol and can dry your skin out.
  • We often forget our hands when it comes to skincare. The truth is, they can show signs of aging faster if we do not care for them properly. They can dry and cracked during the winter, so try to wear gloves when cleaning or washing up and always use a hand moisturizer afterward.
  • Eat more healthy fats during the winter, like avocado. It can help maintain supple skin. Healthy fats can help prevent your hands and face from drying out in the cold winter months.
  • Many people think that once the winter months arrive, sunscreen is not essential. The sun can still be harsh during the cold months and can damage skin, mostly when it reflects the snow. It is necessary to continue to put an SPF of at least 30 on your face, neck, and hands. It can also help reduce dry skin and slow down premature aging.

While we all want to snuggle under a warm blanket and drink hot chocolate all day, it is essential to stay active. Physical activity helps boost your circulation, gets your pulse rate up, and gives you a healthy glow. A half-hour walk a few times a week will help keep your skin looking radiant.