Dark circles are when the area under your eyes is darker than the skin. Depending on your natural skin, it may appear blue, black, purple, or brown. It can make you look older or more tired than you already are. Dark circles are prevalent but not really a medical condition. It is a massive concern as nobody wants dark circles under their eyes. People want to look young rather than their age; hence, they look for treatments or procedures to enhance their appearance.

Today, surgical and non-surgical procedures pave the way for new innovative technologies. And it is not just about the face but the skin, too. Nobody wants their dark circles to appear, and they try to conceal them with makeup and fix it. Dark circles affect people of all colors, age, and sexes. All skin types can show varying levels of dark circles too. However, among certain people, they are more common than others, such as

  • Older people
  • People with a family history of dark circles
  • People with darker skin tone

There are many reasons for dark circles, and aging is the most common one. The skin under the eyes starts to thin out, showing your blood vessels. Your skin becomes thinner and starts sagging, and you experience fat and collagen reduction.

  • Are You Tired?

Sleep is most important for your body to relax and function properly. If you do not sleep well or even oversleep, it can make your skin look dull or pale under the eyes. Usually, your blood vessels beneath the skin may appear and can show dark circles.

  • Eye Strain

Most commonly, staring at the computer or television screen for extended periods could strain your eyes by enlarging the blood vessels, causing dark circles.

  • Allergies Can Cause Dark Circles

In case of any allergic reaction, the body releases histamines to fight off the invader. It can cause redness, itchiness, or puffiness; if you scratch it, it leads to swelling, inflammation, broken blood vessels, etc.

  • Dehydration

If your body isn’t hydrated enough, your under eyes can appear dull and hollow.

  • Sun exposure

Prolonged sun exposure can produce too much melanin that may deposit beneath the eyes, causing hyperpigmentation.

  • Genetics

Research suggests that people can get dark circles at an early age if it runs in the family. However, depending on the individual, it can lighten or darken over time. To address your bothersome dark circles, schedule your consultation now with our San Anselmo medical spa.