Your body is very different in your 20s and 30s compared to your 40s and 50s. When you are young, it is easier to stay healthy, lose weight, gain muscles, and maintain a good shape. As you get older, it gets harder and if you want to be in good physical fitness when you reach your 40s and beyond, now is the best time to start forming a few good fitness habits.

  • Drink More Water: Not drinking enough water can lead to water retention, premature aging, slow metabolism, and other problems. Drinking plenty of water now can help you can slow the effects of aging and keep your body running properly.
  • Regular Strength Training: As we age, we lose muscle tone and strength. And the less muscle we have, the fewer calories our body burns. If you want to keep that muscle and get in shape, strength training is the best choice! Cut back on the cardio, and starting lifting those weights or doing more bodyweight exercises.
  • Learn the Right Form: Do not take rush into your strength training. While you are young, injuries may not be as common, but as you get older, you are more likely to get hurt if you don’t practice the correct form. Learn the proper form now.
  • Switch It Up: Frequently changing up your workouts will help you better develop your body in a much more effective way. Instead of sticking with the same training routine, change up your workouts monthly.
  • Replenish Post-Workout: It may not seem essential to refuel your body after a strenuous workout, but filling up on protein and carbs will help replenish energy and reinforce solid muscle growth.
  • Regularly Replace Your Shoes: You love that pair of sneakers, but they wear out within six months of regular use. Try to switch them up after six to eight months of use. It can help you avoid many common stress injuries.
  • Finding Time for Workouts: If you have difficulty fitting in your workouts now, imagine how much harder it will be when you’re older. Start making your exercises a part of your life, no matter how hard it is to find the time.
  • Do Pilates or Yoga: While building muscle is important, you also need to improve balance, posture, and flexibility. Exercises like Pilates or yoga will be a great way to help you stay fit in every area of your life.
  • Enjoy Yourself: If you can learn to enjoy your workout, it will be easier to stick with it. Find ways to spice up the routine, like listening to motivating music or an audiobook, switching up your routine, or exercise outside.
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