When it comes to after-pregnancy life, moms everywhere strive to restore their pre-pregnancy physiques after having children. But between work and family responsibilities, it can seem impossible to get a workout in, let alone achieve your body sculpting jobs. Now, there is a solution to help boost your efforts: the Emsculpt Neo body sculpting device. The device offers a groundbreaking option for moms trying to eliminate stubborn fat and build muscle on the abdomen and buttocks. At Marin Medical Aesthetics, we believe you do not need to settle for a body that is not making you happy or beautiful. And moms, perhaps more than anyone, deserve to radiate confidence and feel their best. Here five reasons busy moms should give Emsculpt Neo a try.

Emsculpt Neo can build muscle

Most body sculpting devices focus on reducing stubborn fat, giving clients a kick-start on their fitness goals by making it easier to reveal muscle tone after working out. But Emsculpt Neo takes body contouring to the next level. It is the only treatment that targets tough-to-build muscle using a cutting-edge technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. This energy triggers intense muscle movements known as supramaximal contractions.

Targets common problem areas for women

Currently FDA-approved to treat the abdomen and buttocks, Emsculpt Neo helps flatten, lift, and tone where needed on your body. With this treatment, many women have been able to shrink their post-baby belly while firming, defining, and strengthening their abdominal muscles—no need to do thousands of crunches or sit-ups. Additionally, if you have noticed your butt has lost some of its shapes, Emsculpt Neo can target the gluteus muscles and help you form rounder, firmer buttocks. If you work out regularly, you know these areas are tough to sculpt and shape. Emsculpt Neo eliminates the guesswork by boosting the results you get in your abdomen and buttocks and giving you optimal results.

Quick and convenient Treatment sessions

Each session of Emsculpt Neo is just 30 minutes, which makes it easy to squeeze a quick session into your busy schedule. Clinical studies have shown that one session of Emsculpt Neo is equivalent to 10,000 crunches or 2,000 squats. You will be able to treat one area simultaneously, focusing on either the abdomen or buttocks. After a total of eight 30-minute sessions, you can achieve visibly more sculpted abs and lifted buttocks.

No surgery or recovery time involved

Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive treatment involving handheld paddles placed over your abdomen or buttocks during each treatment session. They are gentle and do not involve any suction, pinching, or pulling, let alone anesthesia, incisions, or sutures. While minimally invasive body sculpting options like liposuction cause clients to take a few days of rest or to experience painful side effects, Emsculpt Neo clients report no inconveniences to their daily schedule. It is common to feel soreness, but it will not interfere with your daily activities. You can easily walk out of your treatment and resume your day right, something many busy moms can appreciate.

Emsculpt Neo Restores Your Natural Body

Body sculpting surgery like a mommy makeover, a tummy tuck, or a butt lift is a big commitment. On the one hand, the surgical approach is convenient because it takes care of concerns quickly. Still, on the other hand, it makes permanent changes to the body to achieve its purpose. For the right candidate, non-invasive alternatives like Emsculpt Neo can deliver outstanding results by working with your body’s natural shape and functions. So, rather than altering your body, it enhances the body you already have. It is a gentle and repeatable treatment, so if you do it again if you become pregnant again or if your weight changes.