Cell phones are now an essential part of our daily lives. Checking emails and posting on social media keeps most of us on the phone for a lot of the day. Whether at the desk, while we eat, or even in the bathroom, we expose our phone surfaces to millions of bacteria, germs, and viruses daily. This exposure often shows up on our skin through breakouts and rashes.

The bacteria commonly found on the skin include these types:

  •   Propionibacterium acnes
  •   Corynebacterium
  •   Staphylococcus
  •   Streptococcus.

Here are some of how your phone affects your skin and how you can avoid these problems in the future.

You Could Be Allergic to Your Phone

Whether or not you realize it, but you probably press your phone directly against your face when you make a call. If you spend a lot of time on your devices, this can be concerning.

Some cell phone brands are made of metals like nickel and chromium, both known for causing rashes. These materials may be causing an allergic reaction when they come into contact with your skin and usually manifests themselves as an itchy, red rash.

Exposing Your Face to Bacteria Living on Your Phone

When we put our phones down on different surfaces, we expose them to all kinds of germs. These bugs are then able to spread and join the bacteria that are already present on our faces. These bacteria can become an issue as they overgrow, which can cause inflammation and acne.

How to Eliminate Offending Bacteria and Combat Breakouts

By taking certain precautions, you can still enjoy their phones while maintaining the health and appearance of their skin. One smart thing to do is to follow a consistent and effective skincare regimen. Make sure that you exfoliate, cleanse, and nourish your skin will prevent bacteria build-up and acne. You can also use certain products to help you, including vitamin c, glycolic acid, and retinol. These ingredients help encourage cell turnover to help your skin look more even, radiant, and smooth.

Another way to help your skin is to talk to a professional. Like the ones at Marin Medical Aesthetics, a professional will help you pinpoint the cause of your skin condition and give you expert advice on what they can do to help your skin. At Marin Medical Aesthetics, we offer our patients a wide variety of skincare treatments to help with a wide range of conditions. Give us a call today to get started on your path to better, healthy skin. You can reach out to our San Rafael office at (415) 785-4604.